Amendment to the Pricelist of Fees and Services

IBIS InGold Editorial Office

01. 03. 2022

Using iiplanGold® is even more interesting for customers as from 1 March 2022. Account management fees in iiplanGold® are reduced and the Loyalty Programme is also favoured. At the same time, for the first time after 10 years of offering iiplan® Profi, the input price increase has been adjusted.

As from 1 March 2022, the “management fee” for the iiplanGold® savings product will be reduced. This “fee” is reduced by 55.6% on average. This provides future and existing customers with an even more advantageous way to save in precious metals. In addition, they can now make withdrawals from their iiplanGold® weight account in metal not only in gold, but also in silver.

The Loyalty Programme, which IBIS InGold uses to make saving more attractive for its long-term customers, has also been modified. The reduction of the seller's reward is now faster with iiplanGold®.

“At a time when the prices of all products and services are rising, when people are looking for a way to hedge their savings against inflation and uncertainty, we bring our customers the benefit of reduced costs for using a gold-backed account, with which they buy gold at the best prices, but which, on the other hand, also offers them a wide variation in payouts. We believe that our move will make it easier for them to decide on how to optimise their portfolios and how to incorporate investment gold into them,” adds Libor Křapka, Executive Director of IBIS InGold.

As from 1 March 2022, the amount of the input price increase for the first piece on iiplan® Profi and Quick contracts is also adjusted. Rates are increased by approximately 25%.

"We have never changed the input price increase setting for iiplan® contracts in its ten-year history. Of course, inflation also affects us. All items related to the purchase and holding of investment ingots and coins as well as the management of customer savings are increasing. For this reason, we are forced to change the setting of this parameter. We have opted for a “fee” that we return to our customers upon repurchase of goods in the form of the repurchase premium iiplan®. As from 1 March 2022, this will be also increased and customers will thus receive a 100% refund of their initial paid cost,” explains Libor Křapka.

Other items in the Pricelist of Fees and Services remain at their original values.


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About IBIS InGold

IBIS InGold is a leading trader with investment gold and silver. The company has been operating in the market for over 20 years. Within Europe, they became a leader in providing saving in gold and silver. They provide the general public with simple and flexible saving under the trademark iiplan® and iiplanGold® with the amount of instalments already from EUR 4 per month.

IBIS InGold is the official authorized trading partner of the Swiss Refinery PAMP and The Royal Mint. It is the only company that is a direct business partner of the most prestigious European refinery and at the same time the most prestigious European mint. No other company can boast of a simultaneous direct sales representation of the PAMP Refinery and The Royal Mint.

As a result of this, IBIS InGold can provide its customers with the best services both during the purchase as well as during the repurchase of the investment metals bought. Another advantage is a unique possibility of verifying the origin and authenticity of investment gold by means of VERISCAN™ technology.

They guarantee its customers to be the first holders of the investment ingots and coins bought while guaranteeing them to repurchase investment coins and ingots sold by them. The funds are remitted to the account of the client within 48 hours from confirming the binding repurchase price. Moreover, they provide repurchase premium in addition to the repurchase price of the metal.

More than 60,000 customers trust IBIS InGold.