Investment silver history St. Helena coin ingot in the IBIS InGold offer

IBIS InGold Editorial Office

31. 01. 2021

IBIS InGold, the European leader in the area of investments and savings in precious metals, is adding Saint Helena coin ingot issued by this legendary island of the same name to its product range.

IBIS InGold is expanding its product range with a quarter-kilogram coin ingot made of pure silver. “This coin ingot is unique in that it has the shape of an investment ingot, and at the same time, it has a face value of 10 pounds, so it is the official currency,” explains Libor Křapka, Executive Director of IBIS InGold.

This investment coin ingot reflects the story of the island and its crucial role in the trade and maritime history of the British Empire and East India Company. In the middle of the 17th century, the island of St. Helena was a strategic place where the ships of this company were moored and exchanged luxury commodities, such as coffee, tea, silk, but also opium. Later, the crews built a well-equipped safe harbour here, where they had their ships moored.

The ingot is made of silver with a purity of 999 and weighs 250 g. The front of the coin ingot contains the words “St. Helena”. Just below this inscription, there is the face value of the coin £ 10 and the year of issuance. In the middle of the ingot, there is a depiction of Queen Elizabeth II with a crown on her head. Below the portrait, there is the weight of the coin ingot – 250 grams and silver purity of 999. At the bottom, there is the inscription “HM Queen Elizabeth II”. On the reverse side of the coin ingot, at the top, there are the official logo of the East India Company and the inscription “The East India Company London”. At the bottom, the flagship of the company is depicted.

St. Helena coin ingots have become a popular choice among investors in silver. The coin ingot is sealed in security foil. It is a great investment in silver and a gift for those who are interested in history, economics or art.


For more information contact:   

Mgr. Libor Křapka
+420 722 444 648

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