Lawrie Williams: Gold is one of the most promising assets for the next few years.

IBIS InGold Editorial Office

22. 12. 2020

Gold prices go through correction, but it is not worth hanging your head. Let´s take a look today at how Lawrie Williams, a London finance and investment expert, comments on the gold market.


According to him, although the gold is on the underside of the sinusoid of its volatility, there is still a bright future for the metal. “When I wrote my forecast last December, I estimated the price of gold at $ 1,625. I considered it a good prospect, but with its current price, the metal surprised me even more,” Williams writes. In addition, platinum and palladium are rather unpleasant surprises for him due to their dependence on industry.

The year of 2020 was positive for investors in precious metals. The rocket launch of precious metal prices was triggered by a pandemic of COVID-19, which, as he says, no one could have predicted. “Perhaps because of the fact that the measures have come around the world later than they could, some sectors of the economy have suffered significantly. However, the technology sector improved slightly and the situation on the precious metals market brought gold and other investment metals back into play.”

According to Williams, politicians, in particular Donald Trump, who underestimated the pandemic and now have to do everything to support the economy in their countries, have also helped the market changes. But if he looks at the current economic situation in the United States, he does not find these economic incentives very effective and thinks that people should try to secure themselves “on their own” as long as they can.

“Uncertainty is still fuelled by conspiracy theories spreading across the United States. Starting with fake news about coronavirus and ending with Trump attacking the election results. Although Trump´s propaganda theories have been refuted, there are many people who will believe them. This will divide society, and it is disturbing what it can do,” says Lawrie Williams.

“Even though I am of a more right-wing view, I am looking forward to the the time when the policy of conspiracy theories under the rule of Biden loosens and the society merges. I just do not know if it is not too late.”

“We live in a chaotic time with many conflicts going on, and therefore the market as such cannot find its direction, which is why the crisis has not yet fully erupted. As soon as the situation stabilizes, real economic changes will take place – a large number of shares will weaken and gold with silver will fly up again.

Lawrie Williams believes that gold and silver are the safest investments for next year. Industrial metals can suffer along with stocks. “The forecast for precious metals is still very positive. We may not see more records as fast as we thought, but they are still one of the most promising assets for the next few years. So to all investors: Keep calm and carry on investing.”