Safety first

IBIS InGold Editorial Office

19. 03. 2020

You are often asking how the gold will behave with the coming economic consequences of the coronavirus epidemic when its price has decreased now. We recommend keeping a cool head. The metal price has been increasing and protecting the money saved in the long term. We perceive the slight decrease in gold prices as an opportunity to buy it before it starts to rise again.


The price of gold is still by 18% higher than the last year. In the last nine months, the metal has been strengthened by 25%. A similar situation occurred in the past financial crisis after 2008, when the price of gold initially fell, but later it rose almost 22 times.

Every crown invested in safety counts. You can arrange saving in gold iiplan® online, and you can save only 100 CZK per month. If you need to adjust your portfolios, if you are looking for insurance and protection of your savings, contact your financial advisor.

We wish you quiet days!