The fixation of gold continues, the expedition was resumed

IBIS InGold Editorial Office 

07. 04. 2020

IBIS InGold are resuming the shipments of gold bars from 1 g to 1 ounce, within 48 hours of payment. The former short-term supply disruption was due to the closure of the Swiss refineries related to the spread of the coronavirus.

7th April 2020 – On the 23rdof March, the production in the PAMP refinery was stopped at the diretion of the Ticino government due to COVID-19.

Therefore, since the 26th of March 2020, IBIS InGold has suspended the dispatch of newly fixed goods to customers. This restriction didn‘t affect prices and customers could continue saving. The situation is beginning to calm down. The PAMP refinery, in part, has resumed production. Due to our relationship with PAMP, orders from IBIS InGold are handled with top priority. We are resuming the shipment of gold bars from 1 g to 1 ounce, sending will take place within 48 hours of payment. The shipments are returning to our standards. We will automatically ship other goods after delivery from the refineries.

In reaction to the economic slowdown and fear from the crisis, the inquiry for gold, as a long-term money insurer, is growing rapidly. IBIS InGold still provides maximum service in fixating the price and handling shipping.


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IBIS InGold is a leading gold and silver trading broker. It has been active on the market for over 20 years. It is a European leader in savings plans investing in gold and silver. Simple and flexible savings plan, known as iiplan®, with contributions as low as EUR 4 per month is available to the public.

The company is directly linked to the Swiss PAMP refinery. This allows IBIS InGold to provide its customers with the best service during buying, as well as when selling off the purchased investment metals. Another advantage is the unique possibility of verifying the origins and authenticity of the investment gold using the VERISCAN™ technology.

The customers are guaranteed that they are the first owners of the purchased ingots and coins and they can rely on the company to repurchase the investment coins and ingots they are selling. The funds are transferred to the client‘s account within 48 hours of the confirmation of the binding purchase price. Together with the purchase price of the metal, clients can also enjoy repurchase bonuses.

With their savings, clients can also use a free deposit of their ingots and coins. IBIS InGold has been tested by more than 35,000 customers.