We condemn the Russian attack on Ukraine

IBIS InGold Editorial Office

28. 02. 2022

IBIS InGold unequivocally condemns the Russian attack on Ukraine. In this conflict, we stand fully behind Ukraine, and we have decided to take the steps we can against Russia.

In the history of our company, we have have never purchased precious metals produced or certified by Russian companies or supplied to Russia. The attack by the Russian Federation on pro-Western Ukraine has confirmed that we will not cooperate with the Russian side in any way in the future.

We also present our position on our website. We have joined the initiative We disagree with the aggression of the Russian Federation towards Ukraine. Potential Russian visitors are temporarily blocked from accessing our website while being shown our dissenting opinion regarding Russian aggression against Ukraine.

We hope you share our view and you will support Ukraine as much as you can.


For more information contact:   

Mgr. Libor Křapka

+420 722 444 648

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