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19. 06. 2019

The number one in precious metal investments IBIS InGold is extending its range of gold ingot investments. After the Lady Fortuna gold ingots, weighing 500 and 1,000 grams, IBIS InGold is extending its product range with ingots weighing 20 grams.

18th of July 2019, Prague - „20-gram ingots are the ideal choice for a regular saving of CZK 2,000 a month,“ says Libor Křapka, the company‘s CEO According to the company‘s philosophy, the best way to choose the amount for a regular contribution and the weight of the ingot is to aim for getting at least one ingot or coin every year.

iiplan®, Intelligent Investment Plan is a unique product, which has turned IBIS InGold into the leader on the Czech and European precious metals market. The iiplan® contract can be signed by anyone aged 18 and over. It is an ideal long-term savings plan, which is affordable for everyone. With only CZK 100 per month, you can invest into gold.

The 20-gram ingot is the second addition to the iiplan® product range this year. In March we introduced ingots weighing half a kilogram and one kilogram.

Investing in precious metals is a reliable way to protect your finances. Their price is constantly rising and they do well even in times of financial crisis. When setting up an investment portfolio, gold as one of the three slices in the pie chart, is a great choice.

For more information contact:

Libor Křapka
+420 722 444 648

About IBIS InGold
IBIS InGold is a leading gold and silver trading broker. It has been active on the market for over 20 years. It is a European leader in savings plans investing in gold and silver. Simple and flexible savings plan, known as iiplan®, with contributions as low as CZK 100 per month is available to the public.
The company is directly linked to the Swiss PAMP refinery. This allows IBIS InGold to provide its customers with the best service during buying, as well as when selling off the purchased investment metals. Another advantage is the unique possibility of verifying the origins and authenticity of the investment gold using the VERISCAN™ technology.
The customers are guaranteed that they are the first owners of the purchased ingots and coins and they can rely on the company to repurchase the investment coins and ingots they are selling. The funds are transferred to the client‘s account within 48 hours of the confirmation of the binding purchase price. Together with the purchase price of the metal, clients can also enjoy repurchase bonuses.
With their savings, clients can also use a free deposit of their ingots and coins. IBIS InGold has been tested by more than 30,000 customers.