What are the benefits of Lady Fortuna™ gold bar? What makes them unique and what do I get when I buy it?

Gold investment bar PAMP with Lady Fortuna™ design is protected by the VERISCAN™ technology. The investment bar has a fineness of 999.9/1000 and is packed in a plastic package, which is an integral part of the certificate, which has all the essentials required for an investment gold – the country of production, refinery, weight. Each bar has its own unique number, which appears on both the certificate and the bar itself. The PAMP bars up to 100 g with a stamped Fortuna design are the bestselling bars in the world. Their easy recognizability, thanks to the mint, is a guarantee of high liquidity for every precious metal dealer. IBIS InGold guarantees the purchase of these goods.


Why is it worth investing in investment coins? Why they are different from normal ones and what is the difference between investment and collector coins?

Coins are issued as an official tender of a particular country and have a nominal value. It is therefore money. This may be an advantage when transported abroad. Even if they are made of one of the precious metals – most often gold or silver – the owner usually avoids possible duties, because the duty is not imposed on the money. However, the specific conditions for importing precious metal coins may vary according to national regulations. Investment coins do not have a limited circulation, they are marked only by the year of issue and their number is given only by the demand, the value is then given only by the price and weight of the precious metal from which they are made. Collector coins have a limited circulation and their price is determined not only by the price of the metal, but also by the demand of the collectors and may differ diametrically from the price of the metal.


What kind of advantages it means? Is it worth it instead of buying each gram separately? Why a multigram from IBIS InGold?

Ideal liquidity assurance in the event of disasters, collapse and currency crisis. Its advantage is easy storage, divisibility, high liquidity and VERISCAN™ on each piece. IBIS InGold guarantees the purchase of individual parts of Multigram. Also interesting is the purchase price, which is more advantageous than buying each 1 gram separately.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of collector coins compared to investment coins? What should I be careful about when buying them and is the collector's edition a guarantee of good investment?

These are the most commonly issued coins in a limited edition, which, depending on the size of the edition increases the future purchase price of the coins. The advantage is that the value of the coin does not only increase as the price of gold increases, but also increases due to the rareness that increases with time. On the contrary, the disadvantage is the liquidity of such coins, which are more of a collector's or professional investment interest. Not every coin achieves the high value given by the limited edition. Collector coins are sold at a higher (sometimes much higher) price than standard investment coins after minting. Investing requires a deep knowledge of the matters, otherwise there is a risk that the client will buy at a high price and sell cheaply.