Why there is no need to be afraid of the signatureless contract? How does the iiplan® negotiation process work and what are the benefits of online communication?

This is a binding legal form of contract negotiation. Based on the communication between the client and the seller, the draft contract iiplan® is prepared. This is then, together with the pre-contractual information and payment information, sent to the client's e-mail, where he/she can check and study all the documentation. The client expresses his agreement with the conditions by sending a confirmation payment, which makes the contract negotiated and effective.

The introduction of the signatureless contract significantly simplified the process of concluding the iiplan® contracts. There is no need to hold stocks of forms or print the contracts concluded, which means significant cost savings. The client has the contract in his/her e-mail, but whenever he/she can find it in his/her IBIS InGold customer account.


How does IBIS InGold oversees my gold bars? Why to keep them deposited in their vaults?

IBIS InGold has its stocks and deposited ingots of its clients hidden in the vaults with maximum security.

IBIS InGold provides all clients with the saving programme “intelligent investment plan”, iiplan®, a free deferred shipment of saved products for the duration of the iiplan® contract agreed.


Why isn't a charge as another charge? How do I pay the initial price increase and when will I get my money back?

In a case of a regular investment, the client pays an initial price increase at the beginning, either as non-recurring or recurring charge. However, this “fee” is fully refunded to the client upon repurchase of the metal.


How does the gold repurchase process work in IBIS InGold? When will I have my money for gold in my account?

Purchase of precious metals is very simple and the liquidity is very fast. IBIS InGold guarantees to the customers the repurchase of precious metals sold. After delivery and inspection of the metal, the money is sent to the client's account the next working day. The vast majority of the clients have money in their checking account within 48 hours.


What plays a role when fixing it? Why sometimes the dollar price increases and the price in Czech crowns falls? What to look at while watching the price of gold?

Items and fees included in the gold price calculation:

  • mining costs (usually stated in USD per 1 oz)
  • price of precious metal on the stock exchange
  • exchange rate
  • refinery margin
  • wholesale margin
  • retail margin

Currency exchange rates play the same role as the price of gold and silver on the metal exchange in dollars (USD) from which the global market determines the selling and redemption prices. In case of strengthening of the Czech crown it may happen that while the price of precious metal in dollars is rising, the price in Czech crowns is stagnating or even falling. However, in case of the depreciation of the Czech crown the effect may be reversed. Thus, when the price of gold or silver in dollars is falling, the price in Czech crowns may stagnate or even rise.


Is it more advantageous to buy gold on a one-time basis or to save regularly? What will I get by investing in precious metal regularly?

One - time investment is great. However, regular saving of money is far more accessible and usually more profitable. Gold can be bought regularly with iiplan® (intelligent investment plan). A part of the investment ingot or coin selected is bought for every payment sent. Thus, the average purchase price of precious metal is calculated and differences between individual waves of investment are decreasing.

Thanks to regular investment, it is possible to invest in a bigger ingot or coin and to gain a more favourable price of one gram of gold. Moreover, a smaller amount per month will not shake the budget as a huge one-time investment.


Why does metal act as a money security and why its price is rising in a long term? Is it convenient to reach for a history-proven value?

Because it is a fantastic instrument to keep a value and often the only physical investment in your portfolio. By purchasing gold, the client protects his assets in the event of economic downturn.


Can everybody save in gold? What if I am not able to pay or on the contrary what if I want to invest more?

By means of IBIS InGold intelligent investment plan, it is possible to save in gold from 4 EUR per month. Payments may be arbitrarily increased or decreased or the whole contract may be paid based on your current financial possibilities. iiplan® may also be transferred to another person free of charge.

The only condition for concluding the iiplan® contract is the age of majority. Everybody who cares about their money and savings made may invest in gold. Thanks to the contract without signature, you can start your investment any time and from anywhere. Simply connect to the Internet. You are not limited by the number of contracts either. You may negotiate several savings in gold for various purposes.


How does the company work? What is so unique about the products offered? What products to choose?

Market leader with more than 20 years of history. They offer their customers unique possibilities and benefits – saving in investment precious metals, purchase of investment ingots and coins Kangaroo with the protective element VERISCAN™ from the prestigious brand PAMP, free deposits and guarantee of repurchase of ingots and coins. They have an elaborate system of informing clients on interesting possibilities of purchase and a user - friendly interface. They specify both purchase and repurchase prices transparently.


How is it in comparison with gold? Why is silver often forgotten? Is it worth to reach for the grey metal besides the yellow metal?

The expected development of the price growth has much greater potential than in a case of gold. Historically, the price ratio between gold and silver has been monitored. At present, the scissors are very wide open between these two metals, the price of silver has fallen much more than the price of gold. While the price of gold from its peak in 2011 fell in the order of 30 %, the price of silver fell in the order of 70 %. Now the silver has a much higher potential for price increase than gold.

The disadvantage of silver is in greater volatility. While the price of gold is influenced primarily by macroeconomic indicators, the price of silver depends, besides macroeconomic indicators, also on industrial production, because the low price still makes it a metal for an industrial processing.

Another disadvantage of silver is its VAT burden. Silver is sold with VAT, but the purchase is without VAT. VAT thus increases the spread (difference between buy and purchase price) on silver by 21 % more than in case of gold.

The third disadvantage of silver is its volume. While for 40 000 EUR we buy approximately one kilogram of gold, which is as big as a standard iPhone and therefore easy to transport or store, for 40 000 EUR we buy more than 50 kilograms of silver, which is much larger and bulkier.