Frequent questions


Is it more advantageous to buy gold on a one-time basis or to save regularly? What will I get by investing in precious metal regularly?

One - time investment is great. However, regular saving of money is far more accessible and usually more profitable. Gold can be bought regularly with iiplan® (intelligent investment plan). A part of the investment ingot or coin selected is bought for every payment sent. Thus, the average purchase price of precious metal is calculated and differences between individual waves of investment are decreasing.

Thanks to regular investment, it is possible to invest in a bigger ingot or coin and to gain a more favourable price of one gram of gold. Moreover, a smaller amount per month will not shake the budget as a huge one-time investment.


How does the gold repurchase process work in IBIS InGold? When will I have my money for gold in my account?

Purchase of precious metals is very simple and the liquidity is very fast. IBIS InGold guarantees to the customers the repurchase of precious metals sold. After delivery and inspection of the metal, the money is sent to the client's account the next working day. The vast majority of the clients have money in their checking account within 48 hours.


Why isn't a charge as another charge? How do I pay the initial price increase and when will I get my money back?

In a case of a regular investment, the client pays an initial price increase at the beginning, either as non-recurring or recurring charge. However, this “fee” is fully refunded to the client upon repurchase of the metal.


How does IBIS InGold oversees my gold bars? Why to keep them deposited in their vaults?

IBIS InGold has its stocks and deposited ingots of its clients hidden in the vaults with maximum security.

IBIS InGold provides all clients with the saving programme “intelligent investment plan”, iiplan®, a free deferred shipment of saved products for the duration of the iiplan® contract agreed.


Is VAT applied to gold? And to silver? What defines the term investment gold?

Gold in the form of investment bars and coins is exempted from value added tax. The VAT exemption occurred in connection with the Czech Republic's accession to the European Union. The Value Added Tax Act No. 235/2004 Sb. defines the term of investment gold and provides for its exemption from VAT.

Investment silver is not exempted from VAT and the VAT here is 21 %.


Why does gold also act as a security against distraint and why is it easier to donate or bequeath it than money?

Investing in precious metals brings one big advantage – it is anonymous. The owner may at any time give or sell gold to someone without being obliged to report or record with which person the trade or exchange has taken place. This means a definite advantage if the person concerned, for example, deals with distraint or inheritance and the precious metal is not kept in our deposit but in his/her home.


What do I need to sell gold? How to become a partner? What does the Czech National Bank monitor when selling gold?

For the sale of investment gold and silver, the consultant does not need to pass demanding professional competence tests and financial advisory certificates. These products are not subject to regulation by the Czech National Bank.

To sell to end customers, a trade licence for a subject of Production, trade and services not listed in Annexes 1 to 3 of the Trades Licensing Act”, branch of activity “Intermediation services in the field of trade or Intermediation of services” is required.


Is a paper gold really gold? How secure is an investment in paper and who is the part of the buying and selling process and sees all the movements of my investment?

The paper gold is a financial asset and the investor often buys just a promise, a castle in the air. In fact, gold declared on the gold-plated paper certificate does not physically exist, or the volume of gold issued in the certificates is more than the real amount of physical gold available at all. The paper investment system may not be under the control of the ordinary investor and is dependent on the decisions of bankers or politicians and financial institutions. The settlement of the paper gold is mostly in money, not in physical gold.


Can everybody save in gold? What if I am not able to pay or on the contrary what if I want to invest more?

By means of IBIS InGold intelligent investment plan, it is possible to save in gold from 4 EUR per month. Payments may be arbitrarily increased or decreased or the whole contract may be paid based on your current financial possibilities. iiplan® may also be transferred to another person free of charge.

The only condition for concluding the iiplan® contract is the age of majority. Everybody who cares about their money and savings made may invest in gold. Thanks to the contract without signature, you can start your investment any time and from anywhere. Simply connect to the Internet. You are not limited by the number of contracts either. You may negotiate several savings in gold for various purposes.


Why does metal act as a money security and why its price is rising in a long term? Is it convenient to reach for a history-proven value?

Because it is a fantastic instrument to keep a value and often the only physical investment in your portfolio. By purchasing gold, the client protects his assets in the event of economic downturn.