Frequent questions


What plays a role when fixing it? Why sometimes the dollar price increases and the price in Czech crowns falls? What to look at while watching the price of gold?

Items and fees included in the gold price calculation:

  • mining costs (usually stated in USD per 1 oz)
  • price of precious metal on the stock exchange
  • exchange rate
  • refinery margin
  • wholesale margin
  • retail margin

Currency exchange rates play the same role as the price of gold and silver on the metal exchange in dollars (USD) from which the global market determines the selling and redemption prices. In case of strengthening of the Czech crown it may happen that while the price of precious metal in dollars is rising, the price in Czech crowns is stagnating or even falling. However, in case of the depreciation of the Czech crown the effect may be reversed. Thus, when the price of gold or silver in dollars is falling, the price in Czech crowns may stagnate or even rise.