Frequent questions


Is a paper gold really gold? How secure is an investment in paper and who is the part of the buying and selling process and sees all the movements of my investment?

The paper gold is a financial asset and the investor often buys just a promise, a castle in the air. In fact, gold declared on the gold-plated paper certificate does not physically exist, or the volume of gold issued in the certificates is more than the real amount of physical gold available at all. The paper investment system may not be under the control of the ordinary investor and is dependent on the decisions of bankers or politicians and financial institutions. The settlement of the paper gold is mostly in money, not in physical gold.


Can everybody save in gold? What if I am not able to pay or on the contrary what if I want to invest more?

By means of IBIS InGold intelligent investment plan, it is possible to save in gold from 4 EUR per month. Payments may be arbitrarily increased or decreased or the whole contract may be paid based on your current financial possibilities. iiplan® may also be transferred to another person free of charge.

The only condition for concluding the iiplan® contract is the age of majority. Everybody who cares about their money and savings made may invest in gold. Thanks to the contract without signature, you can start your investment any time and from anywhere. Simply connect to the Internet. You are not limited by the number of contracts either. You may negotiate several savings in gold for various purposes.


Why does metal act as a money security and why its price is rising in a long term? Is it convenient to reach for a history-proven value?

Because it is a fantastic instrument to keep a value and often the only physical investment in your portfolio. By purchasing gold, the client protects his assets in the event of economic downturn.