Helping you to a golden future

We offer everyone an effective and straightforward way to invest in precious metals – especially gold. Why gold? The metal’s exceptional properties make it a safe haven. It records long-term gains in value and is an ideal way to shield money against inflation and loss of purchasing power.

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Helping you to a golden future

Invest in certainty

We offer 25 years of market experience

Buy your investment gold and silver smartly. Discover the security and benefits of purchasing from a market leader. With numerous projects behind us, we have solid references, international experience and, most importantly, a team of professionals who know how to do their job and are committed to it.

Authorised and verified supplier

Authorised and verified supplier

IBIS InGold was established in 1998. It is an official authorised business partner of the refinery in Switzerland PAMP and The Royal Mint in the UK. This direct business partnership with Europe’s most prestigious refinery and most prestigious mint illustrates how prominent IBIS InGold is in the global precious metals trade.

A personal approach to customers

There are many ways and places to purchase gold, but they are not completely sound. Our fair and transparent approach has made us a market leader in physical gold and silver investment, logistics, and the cultivation of our product portfolio. Besides the standard one-off purchase, we offer a comprehensive savings scheme designed for regular contributions. We supply investment bars and coins to customers in most EU countries.

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Your future starts now

Living your dreams has never been easier. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. It can be hard to step off this merry-go-round. We can help you! Find out how to deposit your money smartly so that it generates earnings on its own. You can stop obsessing about finances and pursue your dreams instead.

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Why purchase precious metals from IBIS InGold?

Enjoy our first-class service and support

Our range of investment bars and coins reflects the 25 years of experience we have gained in international markets. Our direct ties to refineries mean that we have ample stocks of bars and coins and can also guarantee our customers that we will buy back their gold and silver.


We are a verified dealer of investment gold and silver. Our guarantee to you is that you will be the first owner of the investment bars and coins you purchase. We also make a contractual buyback guarantee.


All information about purchase options and fees is available to you before you enter into a contract. The contract is paperless (i.e. you do not sign it); instead, you confirm by making the first payment. We will send you a draft by email.


Our direct ties to refineries and mints allow us to offer you superior service in both the purchase and buy-back of gold and silver. We will gladly draw up a purchase offer for you.

Support and service

We keep you informed about how your purchases of investment bars and coins are progressing. Plus, you can access your customer account online. You can consult any enquiries you may have with your financial adviser or by contacting our customer service line +420 568 408 088.

With us, gold is always trendy

We keep an eye on trends in savings and investment products and regularly innovate and modernise what we offer. We are committed to making our name synonymous with quality service, certainty and security for customers and business partners. We keep our stocks and the bars and coins customers have deposited in safes designed for maximum security and protection.

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Making people financially independent

We make people independent

Our vision

We want to provide our clients with a feeling of absolute security. We want to become a global market leader in savings schemes based on regular investment in physical gold and silver.

iiplan® – freedom, certainty, future

You can picture your journey through the world of saving and investing as a voyage on the high seas. The waters won’t always be calm, and violent waves could send your ship to the seabed. That’s why it’s smart to find a harbour where you can wait out the storm of adversity. With our iiplan®, you can build up a buffer to safeguard your investments and savings. How does iiplan® work?

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The freest way to save, with no commitments and no worries

We are a strong and stable company that has been in business for over 25 years. Our direct business relationship with refineries and mints means that we have a superior stock of gold and silver, enabling us to meet your requirements in no time.

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