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Building up your savings in physical gold and silver is easy and flexible with IBIS InGold. Find out how precious metals are a modern, liberating savings option.

Au, Ag
Au, Ag

Build your wealth faster with investment gold

The future is in your hands

Gold holds true value. People have been relying on the security of gold for thousands of years. It helps them through good times, but also when the going gets tough and they are faced with high inflation, economic uncertainty or financial/currency crises.

Britannia coin

Security and value

Unlike currencies, gold has never gone bankrupt and has always retained its value. The savings you place in gold will buffer you against the effects of inflation.

A good investment

Besides being a reliable store of value, gold can be a profitable investment. It has a long history of delivering 7 % annual appreciation.

Liquidity and independence

Gold is a known commodity all over the world and can be exchanged for any currency. Its price is independent of government systems or the capital worth of companies. And that’s why it gives freedom to you too.

Assurance and stability

Physical investment gold is a tangible asset that you can hold. Plus, it will serve as an anchor for your other family assets and investments.

Pick prestige and quality

Our customers’ favourite products

One of IBIS InGold’s priorities is to provide maximum security when you purchase investment gold and silver. Therefore, it offers only bars and coins from the world’s most renowned refineries and mints that meet the highest LBMA quality criteria and excel in their artistry.

Lady Fortuna 10,00 g
Investment gold bar

Lady Fortuna 10,00 g

Britannia 10,00 g
Investment gold bar

Britannia 10,00 g

Britannia ½ oz (15,50 g)
Investment gold coin

Britannia ½ oz (15,50 g)

Britannia 1 oz (31,10 g)
Investment silver coin

Britannia 1 oz (31,10 g)

Investment bars from the PAMP refinery in Switzerland and investment coins from the British Royal Mint are not only precise and unique in their mintage, but also incorporate unique safeguards and security features.

Start saving today!

Build your family wealth and reap the fruits of your investment

Fortuna chci spořit

How do I purchase precious metals?

We offer an effective way of investing in gold and silver

We are throwing the door to investment in precious metals wide open. Thanks to our offer of one-off purchases, you can purchase investment bars and coins just as you would a necklace, watch or any other item. Alternatively, you can opt to use our unique iiplan® savings system and purchase bars and coins on an incremental, rolling basis. This way, you not only benefit from gold price averaging, but you can also purchase at a discount.


With IBIS InGold, investment gold and silver is within everyone’s reach. You can start with as little as 4 EUR. You can buy investment bars or coins on a rolling basis without being limited in the selection of goods you are purchasing. You can build up your gold reserve step by step.

More competitive per-gram price of gold and silver

Savings tailored to your needs

Flexibility in savings and payouts

Bar and coin delivery, or deposit free of charge

Buyback guarantee

Arrangements online

Online savings overview


You can buy investment bars and coins instantly. You simply choose the items you want to purchase, and we deliver them. Bars and coins are shipped within 48 hours of payment.

Fast, easy purchasing

Express shipping of bars and coins

Buyback guarantee

Arrangements online

Online purchasing overview

Why purchase precious metals from IBIS InGold?

Enjoy our first-class service and support

Our range of investment bars and coins reflects the 25 years of experience we have gained in international markets. Our direct ties to refineries mean that we have ample stocks of bars and coins and can also guarantee our customers that we will buy back their gold and silver.

A trusted dealer

IBIS InGold is an official authorised partner of the PAMP refinery in Switzerland and The Royal Mint in the UK, attesting to its prominent standing in the global precious metals trade.

Market leader

With IBIS InGold, you have complete freedom in the way you save and set up payouts from the gold reserve you have built up. Investment gold will be a true rock for you.

First-owner guarantee

You are the first owner of the investment bars and coins you purchase. With IBIS InGold, you can be sure that you are not purchasing second-hand goods.

Buyback guarantee

You are contractually guaranteed that the bars and coins you purchase will be bought back from you by IBIS InGold. Plus, IBIS InGold provides its clients with buyback premiums.

It makes sense to invest in gold

Gold has fascinated humanity since time immemorial. IBIS InGold, the European leader in precious metals savings with a worldwide presence, offers you a savings scheme that allows you to purchase gold on a rolling basis from as little as 4 EUR. This policy makes gold affordable for everyone.

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