Get ready for a golden future

Investment in gold and silver is no longer the elusive preserve of the wealthiest individuals or central banks. With IBIS InGold, buying precious metals is an affordable and manageable opportunity for investors of all ages, regardless of their financial situation.

Regular payments starting from 4 EUR
Save up to 35% when buying 1 gram of gold
The option to make unscheduled payments
Savings in the form of physical investment bars and coins
Get ready for a golden future

The freest way to save in gold

Reap the rewards of your gold investment in iiplanRentier® and iiplanGold® savings


from 4 EUR


Gold account

Other customer


24 hours. / 48 hours.

Transfer gold


24 hours. / 48 hours.
from 4 EUR
Gold account
Transfer gold
Other customer


  • from 4 EUR

  • regular and unscheduled payments

  • currency as per your contract

Payout in metals

  • within 48 hours

  • gold, silver

  • bars, coins, selection of sizes

Cash payout

  • within 24 hours

  • regular annuity or lump-sum payout

  • choice of currency

Transfer gold

  • immediately

  • transfer of grams of gold to another contract

  • iiplanRentier®, iiplanGold®

Want to know how to start saving?

Having a gold account or gold annuity is really easy

1. Step

Contract arrangement

Find out what savings you can build up in gold. We will email you a draft contract. You confirm the contract by making an initial payment!

2. Step

Incremental purchasing of gold

The payments you send us are immediately converted into gold as you gradually progress towards purchasing a physical investment bar. You can track the status of your savings in your customer account.

3. Step

Payouts and shipping

We will send the gold and silver bars or coins of your choice to you, you can transfer grams of gold from your account to another contract or we can pay you a regular annuity in cash.

True wealth

True wealth

In the iiplanRentier® and iiplanGold®, you purchase investment gold incrementally in the form of investment bars from the Swiss PAMP refinery under very attractive terms.

Physical gold investment bars
Highly attractive price of gold
VERISCAN™ security system

Commitment-free security

It is entirely your decision how much of your savings you invest in gold. Grams purchased under iiplanRentier® and iiplanGold® will become your gold account, which you are free to dispose without restriction. You enter your instructions online.

Personal savings amount
Make unscheduled deposits or suspend your savings
Adjust your savings arrangements without incurring fees and penalties
Bezpečí bez závazků
Accessible savings

Accessible savings

Need cash? Want to collect a gold or silver bar or coin? Under iiplanRentier® and iiplanGold®, you can opt for an interim payment in cash, gold or silver. Also, you are free to transfer the grams held in your account between contracts without restriction.

Transferring grams between contracts online
Cash payouts within 24 hours
Gold and silver payouts within 48 hours
Confirmation of payouts and transfers via the IBIS InGold Key app

Regular gold annuity

Payouts from your account may also be made with regular frequency. In this way, you can set up a regular annuity to supplement your monthly income, for example. iiplanRentier® and iiplanGold® are truly advanced, all-purpose schemes to build up medium- and long-term reserves.

Regular payouts from your gold account
Worry-free long-term annuity payouts
Choice of payout currency
Online overview of payouts
Payout in metals
Cash payout
Transfer grams
Regular gold annuity

You are shaping your future right now!

Make the most of your gold account and gold annuity

iiplanRentier® and iiplanGold® are all-purpose means of building up your savings in the form of gold, and it’s up to you how and what you use them for.

Secure your retirement

Take care of your children’s future

Protect your savings against inflation

Build up a fund for your lifelong dreams

Gold account or gold annuity?

Choose the savings scheme that suits you best

You can use iiplanGold® in a similar way to a savings account – the only difference being that your savings are held in physical gold.

A gold account comes into its own when you want to put your money in a safe place for a while in an asset not exposed to inflation. iiplanGold® offers the lowest per-gram price of gold and is ideal for your medium-term goals.

Lowest per-gram price of gold
Inflation-proofing for your savings
Designed in particular for medium-term goals

Are you planning to build up a nest egg for your retirement, or would you like a savings product to provide financial support to your children, either when they become independent or during their studies?

Choose iiplanRentier®, which is ideal for long-term savings with an investment term of at least 10 years. Build up a gold annuity that can be taken out as a lump sum or on a rolling basis.

Preparing an annuity for retirement
Saving for children, their studies and independence
Designed for long-term goals

Or combine the two. You can keep a portion of your savings as a liquid reserve under iiplanGold® and, at the same time, set aside savings to secure your future under iiplanRentier®.

IBIS InGold customers trust gold and put their savings in it

Gold is a shield protecting wealth from the corrosive effects of inflation and economic instability.


iiplan® savings


savings schemes and one-off purchases


one-off purchases only

Enjoy freedom in how you save

Other benefits of savings…

You don’t need to have a bundle of money lined up. You don’t have to make a hefty investment. You can start with a small amount. When you buy coins and bars incrementally, you benefit from the effect of purchase price averaging. By investing regularly in precious metals, you also minimise the risk of buying bars and coins at a time when their price has peaked.

More competitive per-gram price of gold and silver

The higher the weight of investment bars and coins, the lower the per-gram price of the precious metal. With the savings schemes, you are in no way handicapped by your available funds, as you can buy gold in larger bars incrementally at a price up to 35% cheaper.

Savings tailored to your needs

Save in the way that works best for you! You can set the amount of your regular contributions and the frequency of your payments to your liking and in line with your means. You alone decide what bars or coins to buy. We will be happy to draw up an offer specific to your situation.

Flexibility in savings and payouts

Life throws up all sorts of changes, so we allow you to adjust how you save. You can adjust the amount of your payments at any time, and you can speed up your precious metal purchases with unscheduled payments. You can have your savings paid out and the bars and coins that have been shipped to you bought back during the savings period.

Bar and coin delivery, or deposit free of charge

We ship investment bars and coins to you as per your instructions. With our savings schemes, you can even keep your bars and coins in our vaults free of charge for the duration of your contract.

Online arrangements

We will be happy to help arrange a draft contract for you, but you can also prepare it yourself online if you wish. We will email you pre-contractual information and a draft contract. You confirm the contract by making your initial payment.

Online savings overview

You can track the progress of your savings and purchases in your customer account, which we will set up immediately after the draft contract is dispatched or after you sign up. Simply log in to see your contracts, portfolio, processed payments and precious metals purchases.

Good advice is worth its weight in gold

Tell us what’s important to you when it comes to building up your savings, and we’ll put together an offer just for you

Good advice is worth its weight in gold
Buyback guarantee

Buyback guarantee

Certainty and security are a priority for us. We guarantee our customers that they are the first owners of the investment bars and coins they purchase from us, and that we will also buy them back from them. So if you decide to sell your gold, please return to us.

When should you include gold in your reserves?

It’s not a question of when, the most important thing is simply to get started and reap the benefits that investing in physical investment gold offers. Become independent and enjoy your freedom. Investment bars and coins are tangible assets, not promises on paper.

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Why use gold as a savings vehicle?

What you pay is the price. What you get is the value


Investment gold is a long-term strategy for growing your wealth. It records long-term price gains averaging approximately 7% p.a.


Gold has a unique role to play in portfolio diversification. The price of gold and the price of stocks, bonds and real estate often follow different paths.


Gold is a known commodity all over the world, which is why you’ll hear it referred to as a global currency. It’s rare, can’t be manufactured and its demand is soaring.

Stability and security

Gold offers security at times of economic turmoil. It is a safeguard against inflation and market volatility. Because it retains its value over many years, it can be passed down from generation to generation.

Need help?

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Discover the security of gold with IBIS InGold

Investing in gold makes sense – especially when you have a stable partner like IBIS InGold, which has been in business for over 25 years. The prominence of IBIS InGold’s standing in the global gold trade is reflected in its direct partnership with both the most prestigious refinery and the most prestigious mint in Europe. We offer our clients the utmost safety and the very highest standards.

More than 80,000 customers

A direct connection to the PAMP refinery and The Royal Mint

Products and services sold throughout Europe

Savings schemes and one-off purchases

Customer support and service

More information

First owner

You will be the first and only owner of the investment bars or coins you purchase.

Buyback guarantee

We make a buyback guarantee to our customers directly in the contract. We will buy back the items we have sold to you.

Premium quality

We only supply bars and coins of the highest quality and fineness from the most prestigious refineries and mints.

Free storage

We keep bars and coins in maximum-security safes at no extra charge for the duration of your savings period.