Both an investment and a luxury gift

Have disposable funds and looking for an investment that will safeguard their value and purchasing power? On the hunt for a nice, valuable gift for friends or family? Then, a one-off purchase is perfect for you. Investment bars and coins will delight the recipient with their beauty. Plus, they’re intriguing and made of pure gold or silver.

Shipping within 48 hours
Marked for delivery directly to the addressee
Gold fineness 999.9
Silver fineness 999.0 - 999.9
Both an investment and a luxury gift

Prestigious investment bars and coins

Buy quickly and easily

The deeper the value of paper currencies falls, the more the value of your family treasure rises.


Selection of bars and coins

Put the investment bars and coins of your choice in your shopping cart.


Payment for goods

We will send you payment details together with the contract. Prompt payment locks in the price.


Shipping of purchased bars and coins

We will send you the precious metals you have purchased to the address specified in the contract.

Exchange paper for real value

Advantages of a one-off purchase

Fast, easy purchasing

Simply choose from our range. We offer investment bars and coins from the world’s most distinguished refineries and mints, which excel in the precision of their craft and the purity (fineness) of their metal.

Delivery of bars and coins

We will deliver your bars and coins directly into your hands. Because of our outstanding stock, we ship within 48 hours of payment of the order.

Arrangements online

We will be happy to help you arrange a contract, but you can also prepare it yourself online if you wish. We will email you pre-contractual information and a purchase contract. You confirm the contract by making a payment.

Online overview of the purchase process

You can track the progress of your purchases in your customer account, which we will set up immediately after you send the contract or sign up. Simply log in to see your contracts, portfolio, processed payments and precious metals purchases.

Buyback guarantee

Buyback guarantee

Certainty and security are a priority for us. We guarantee our customers that they are the first owners of the investment bars and coins they purchase from us, and that we will also buy them back from them. So if you decide to sell your gold, please return to us.

When should you include gold in your reserves?

It’s not a question of when, the most important thing is to get started and reap the benefits that investing in physical investment gold offers. Become independent and enjoy your freedom. Investment bars and coins are tangible assets, not promises on paper.

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Why hold a reserve of gold?

Invest in certainty and build your family wealth


Investment gold is a long-term strategy for growing your wealth. It records long-term price gains averaging approximately 7 % p. a.


Gold has a unique role to play in portfolio diversification. The price of gold and the price of stocks, bonds and real estate often follow different paths.


Gold is a known commodity all over the world, which is why you’ll hear it referred to as a global currency. It’s rare and can’t be manufactured – demand is soaring.

Stability and security

Gold offers security at times of economic turmoil. It is a safeguard against inflation and market volatility. Because it retains its value over many years, it can be passed down from generation to generation.

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Discover the security of gold with IBIS InGold

Investing in gold makes sense – especially when you have a stable partner like IBIS InGold, which has been in business for over 25 years. The prominence of IBIS InGold’s standing in the global gold trade is reflected in its direct partnership with both the most prestigious refinery and the most prestigious mint in Europe. We offer our clients the utmost safety and the very highest standards.

More than 80,000 customers

A direct connection to the PAMP refinery and The Royal Mint

Products and services sold throughout Europe

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First owner

You will be the first and only owner of the investment bars or coins you purchase.

Buyback guarantee

We make a buyback guarantee to our customers directly in the contract. We will buy back the items we have sold to you.

Premium quality

We only supply bars and coins of the highest quality and fineness from the most prestigious refineries and mints.


There is no state register or database of owners. You can sell or gift bars and coins with ease.