A safe, secure and smart way to future-proof your savings

Gold has accompanied humanity since the dawn of time and is traditionally considered one of the safest investments that can protect the value of your financial savings. Gold is precious and valuable and has never gone bankrupt. Because of its uniqueness, it is regarded as a safe haven used by investors and central banks alike. You, too, have the same opportunity to secure yourself.

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A safe, secure and smart way to future-proof your savings

A historically stable and safe investment

Discover the key to independence, financial stability and potentially higher returns

Gold has a long history as a means of payment and trading. It has accompanied humanity for almost 6,000 years. Its value has endured for hundreds of generations. Secure your future and that of your children with gold.

A long-term profitable investment

Gold is a stable and safe investment offering lucrative appreciation. It is independent of government systems and companies’ capital values. Its value has long been rising, which is why it has been one of the most prized means of protecting wealth and building savings for generations.

A safeguard against inflation and uncertainty

Gold is effective at shielding savings from the effects of inflation. While the purchasing power of the US dollar has fallen 95% in the space of 80 years, gold has retained and increased its value – even in times of financial turmoil and economic or political crises, when the value of most other investments and assets has tumbled.

A store of value for savings

No asset other than gold can hold its value for generations, centuries and millennia at no additional cost. An ounce of gold would have been enough to purchase a luxury outfit in ancient Rome, just as it is today. In 1908, 1,300 grams was enough for a high-end car – and it remains so today.

Gold is precious and valuable

There is a finite amount of gold as it cannot be manufactured. This lends it intrinsic value. Since 2016, there has been little change in the amount of gold mined annually. This is because all the easily accessible gold has already been extracted. The fact that gold is more difficult to obtain drives gold prices up. 80% of known gold resources have been mined. The likelihood that a new gold mine will open is very remote. Less than 0.1% of the gold deposits discovered are viably mineable.

Demand for gold is growing

Gold fares well in good economic times and bad. When the economy is not exactly thriving, gold is a popular safe haven where investors move their riskier investments. In periods of economic prosperity, gold benefits from growing demand for jewellery and electronics (in which gold is also used). Global investment demand for gold has grown at an average annual rate of 15% over the past 20 years.

Gold is not the preserve of kings

The mere mention of investing in gold often conjures up movie footage of bank vaults with 400-ounce gold bricks and perpetuates the misconception that such luxury and wealth is out of reach. But gold knows no boundaries. You, too, can own it! You just need to seize the opportunity. Investment bars and coins are available in quantities starting from 1 gram, and you can also purchase on a rolling basis under a iiplan® savings scheme, with regular payments starting at 4 EUR.

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Central banks and gold

Central banks and gold

Central banks draw on gold to defend the financial systems of entire nations. The more precarious the geopolitical and economic situation, the more gold they add to their reserves. They have been increasing their gold reserves for 13 years running. In 2022, they actually made the biggest purchases since 1950, adding 1,136 tonnes of gold to official reserves.

A global currency and liquid market

Ever since the times of ancient civilisations, gold has served as a global currency. No other currency in the world can boast a history that long. Every day, more than USD 180 billion is traded in gold. The prestige and knowledge of gold gives you the assurance that you can sell it anywhere in the world.

A global currency and liquid market
Real wealth in your hands

Real wealth in your hands

Investment gold is something you can hold in your hands in the form of bars and coins. High value can be stored in such light weight and your golden treasure is, easy to move around. Investment gold eliminates another investment risk (i.e. counterparty risk). When it comes to handling your assets, you have complete freedom because you are independent of anyone else and any other institution.

Gold means you have certainty in your wealth

You’ve probably heard the saying “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. This is also true of savings and investments. If you have different types of independent assets in your portfolio, your long-term returns will be more stable and greater. Here again, gold is an effective tool. Its price is independent of other types of assets. For example, if the stock market falls, gold tends to rise. Most investors start by allocating 5 - 15  % of their portfolio to gold. But it all depends on your investment objective and how risky your other investments are.

I want to build up savings
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Gold means you have certainty in your wealth

Reasons why investment gold is popular

A global survey by the World Gold Council found that 83 % of the population is considering setting up or increasing gold reserves. This is because gold is an easy investment for difficult times. There is a limited amount of it; its price is not dependent on how well a bank or a company is performing – historically, it has fared well in times of financial turmoil, and the gold market is global and liquid. As a result, gold plays a pivotal role in safe savings, acting as a buffer against inflation and building a balanced and stable portfolio.

I want to build up savings
Reasons why investment gold is popular

Discover the security of gold with IBIS InGold

Investing in gold makes sense – especially when you have a stable partner like IBIS InGold, which has been in business for over 25 years. The prominence of IBIS InGold’s standing in the global gold trade is reflected in its direct partnership with both the most prestigious refinery and the most prestigious mint in Europe. We offer our clients the utmost safety and the very highest standards.

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First owner

You will be the first and only owner of the investment bars or coins you purchase.

Buyback guarantee

We make a buyback guarantee to our customers directly in the contract. We will buy back the items we have sold to you.

Premium quality

We only supply bars and coins of the highest quality and fineness from the most prestigious refineries and mints.

Free storage

We keep bars and coins in maximum-security safes at no extra charge for the duration of your savings period.

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Questions and answers

Investment gold is a particular sort of gold used as an investment instrument, much like securities, mutual funds, etc. It mainly takes the form of gold coins and bars (ingots), not bought for collecting reasons, but as an investment (i.e. a place to park paper money).

The most important characteristic is its fineness, which must be at least 995 units of gold per 1 000 units of metal (fineness of 995) in the case of investment bars or 900/1000 in the case of investment coins. The conditions under which investment metals are defined may be regulated differently from one country to another. We only offer bars and coins from world-famous refineries and mints that have been accredited by the LBMA. These bars and coins are of the highest purity (999.9) and boast precise artistry.

There are many ways to purchase precious metals, but not all are sound. A low price may be tempting, but it can be very expensive in the end.

Investment bars and coins should only be purchased from verified and reliable partners with a track record and market credentials. It is crucial to avoid purchasing from unknown persons, dubious sources or purely internet companies – which often only deal through their online shops or auctions and, once you make your purchase, you find that the “seller” or the company itself has vanished.

Do not buy investment precious metals of unknown origin. A reputable dealer will guarantee that you are the first owner of the bar and will not sell on bars that have been bought back. Trustworthy dealers source their bars from an official exclusive supplier or refinery. You won’t go wrong by choosing from among the world’s most sought-after and LBMA-certified manufacturers. A manufacturer’s popularity guarantees quality and, in particular, prompt buyback. The seller must also guarantee a selected manufacturer’s supply of bars and coins.

It should be a matter of course to also have a buyback guarantee from the seller. It’s best to avoid dealers who do not publish or adhere to current buyback prices. Likewise, all the information you need to make an informed investment decision should be available to you. This includes pre-contractual information, a draft contract and their fee and service price list. Pay particular attention to the penalties and fines charged for breach of contract. Considering that investment in precious metals is meant to provide freedom and independence, you should not feel constrained by the dealer’s terms and conditions.

Because investments in precious metals are of a long-term nature, it is vital to choose a proven and safe partner.

All gold bars and coins offered in the IBIS InGold shop qualify for VAT exemption. The conditions of the special scheme for investment gold are set out under Section 92 of the Value Added Tax Act (Act No 235/2004, as amended).

“Section 92 Special scheme for investment gold

  • Investment gold means:

    • gold admitted to the world gold markets as bullion in the form of a bar or plate with:

      • its own number;

      • a fineness of at least 995/1000;

      • a weight admissible on those markets;

      • a designation of the manufacturer, fineness and weight;

    • gold coins that:

      • have a fineness of at least 900/1000;

      • were minted after 1800;

      • are or have been legal tender in their country of origin;

      • are usually sold at a price that does not exceed the free market value of their gold content by more than 80%.

  • The supply of investment gold in the Czech Republic, its procurement from another Member State and its import are exempt without the right to deduct VAT. Exemptions without the right to deduct VAT also apply to:

    • investment gold certified for physically allocated and unallocated gold;

    • investment gold traded in gold accounts, in particular loans and swaps establishing ownership of or legal title to investment gold;

    • forward transactions in investment gold, including futures, which involve the transfer of ownership of or legal title to investment gold.

  • A service provided by a person acting in the name and on the account of another person which consists of the supply of investment gold, its procurement from another Member State, or its importation is exempt without the right to deduct VAT.”

See also Council Directive 98/80/EC of 12 October 1998.