70,000 people on the way to financial independence with IBIS InGold

70,000 people on the way to financial independence with IBIS InGold

21. 10. 2022

IBIS InGold has surpassed another significant milestone – 70,000 customers. Already 70,000 clients and their families easily and safely purchase investment precious metals. Thanks to the possibility of gradually purchasing physical gold or silver, they build up their reserves for a more secure future over the long term, thus ensuring their financial independence. 

“Rising inflation, national debts, economic and political uncertainty and the war conflict between Ukraine and Russia are leading many people to look for safe instruments to store their savings. In IBIS InGold, they find a partner with whom they can buy precious metals directly from the manufacturer with a guarantee of first holding,” says Petr Špičák, Marketing Director of IBIS InGold. “Not only do they get the unparalleled quality of investment ingots and coins, but by offering savings plans, they also get affordable forms of gradual purchases that don't strain their budgets and leave them free to manage their gold reserves.”  

In addition to one-time purchases, IBIS InGold customers can purchase investment ingots and coins incrementally through iiplan®, iiplanGold® and iiplanRentier® savings. Clients can start buying gold from EUR 4. Saving offers them additional benefits. They thus benefit from the price averaging effect and, starting with small amounts, they can take advantage of saving into a large ingot with a more favourable gramme price. They invest in precious metals without obligations and responsibilities. They can adjust their savings at any time or get money back quickly and easily to pay for necessary expenses.

“We appreciate the trust of our customers and the support of financial and investment advisors who seek real security for their clients and help them optimise their family portfolios,” says Petr Špičák.

According to him, gold is an important component of the portfolio. It is particularly useful as a tool for diversifying risks and reducing the impact of inflation, which is exceeding multi-year highs. The price of gold has risen by 45% since 2019, surpassing the rate of inflation achieved. Thus, the title of store of value still rightfully belongs to gold and it is obvious that investing in it makes sense.


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About IBIS InGold

IBIS InGold® is a leading trader with investment gold and silver. The company has been operating in the market for over 20 years. Within Europe, they became a leader in providing saving in gold and silver. They provide the general public with simple and flexible saving under the trademark iiplan®, iiplanGold® and iiplanRentier® with the amount of instalments already from EUR 4 per month.

IBIS InGold is the official authorized trading partner of the Swiss Refinery PAMP and The Royal Mint. This direct business cooperation with Europe's most prestigious refinery and at the same time with Europe's most prestigious mint guarantees all customers the absolute quality of the investment gold and silver they purchase. 

IBIS InGold provides its customers with the best service both during the purchase as well as during the repurchase of the investment metals bought. They also have the advantage of verifying the origin and authenticity of investment gold with the unique VERISCAN™ technology.

They guarantee their customers to be the first holders of the investment ingots and coins bought while guaranteeing them to repurchase investment coins and ingots sold by them. The funds are remitted to the account of the client within 48 hours from confirming the binding repurchase price. Moreover, they provide repurchase premium in addition to the repurchase price of the metal.

IBIS InGold cooperates with a wide network of significant independent financial-consulting companies in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, and Great Britain. Thus, the offer of IBIS InGold products and services is available to clients in all regions. Complex services and education of starting and experienced investors and consultants are a matter of course. They provide their clients as well as partners with perfect information and analytical services.

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