Gold as safe cash – multigram

Gold as safe cash – multigram

01. 02. 2017

1 February 2017, Prague – IBIS InGold® a. s. is expanding its offer of investment gold with Multigram +25. Multigram is a uniform set of 25 investment ingots, which can be easily separated if necessary. Each part of Multigram has its unique number, its own certificate, and it can be verified by the technology VERISCAN™. Its manufacturer is the Swiss Refinery PAMP®.

Investment gold has many advantages. On one hand, it is a valuable property for ensuring and building long-term reserves – it is a safe reserve, investment. For this purpose, it is more suitable to opt for medium and higher weights in grams and to utilize their lower prices per gram. On the other hand, gold serves as means of payment (currency). On the contrary, ingots with lower weight in grams shall be a better option here. Therefore, it is suitable to allocate property in gold for maximum security – to build Multigram next to ingots with higher weight in grams.
“When creating family portfolios, we keep a part of savings as a contingency reserve for unexpected expenses. This caution should be exercised also when purchasing investment gold,” explains Libor Kochrda, the Chairman of the Board, while adding: “Multigram is suitable for building a secure cash reserve with regard to its method of processing.”
Ingots with lower weight in grams are more liquid. The value of one-gram ingot corresponds to the price of a one-week family purchase or a full tank of gas. Multigram may be divided into 25 investment one-gram ingots, originally packed with their own certificate. The owner of Multigram shall benefit from its more favourable price compared to the purchase of 25 pieces of separate investment ingots with the same weight.


About IBIS InGold®, a. s.

IBIS InGold® was founded in 1998 and operates on the Czech and Slovak markets as a trader with precious metals. For more than 4 years, they have been offering a special product iiplan® – intelligent investment plan, which enables regular saving into precious metals, to their clients, in addition to one-time purchases of investment metals. The company managed to get through a demanding process of certification and verification by the Swiss Refinery PAMP® and became its official distributor. As one of the few companies on the European market, they obtained a licence for on-line sale, for sale to end customers and last but not least for sale to wholesale partners from the refinery. IBIS InGold® clients can be sure that the products, which they buy, come directly from the Refinery PAMP®

About PAMP® SA

The Refinery PAMP® was founded in 1977, with its headquarters in the Swiss canton of Ticino. They manufacture a complete range of investment ingots from gold, silver, platinum and palladium as well as coins and coin blanks for state banks and state mints of many countries. It is a supplier of semi-products manufactured from precious metals for the Swiss clock industry. They refine precious metals, both directly from mining and from recycling. They provide their significant clients with the possibility of storing investment metals. Their ingots with weight up to 100 g are the best selling gold ingots in the world. The PAMP® Refinery is considered as the most prestigious refinery in the world of investment metals that is always one step ahead of others. The Refinery introduced decoration of ingots with a motif and its LADY FORTUNA™ became an easily recognizable symbol of PAMP® investment ingots. As one of the few refineries, they have been handling the manufacture of minted bars in weights higher than 100 grammes for a longer period of time. The last unique news is introducing a non-destructive and reliable technology VERISCAN™ for authenticating the origin of ingots.

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