IBIS InGold celebrates 25 years on the Czech market

IBIS InGold celebrates 25 years on the Czech market

14. 04. 2023

IBIS InGold celebrates twenty‑five successful years on the market. Customers appreciate the reliability, speed, and security of the services provided. They especially appreciate the flexibility and variety of iiplan® investment programmes. Thanks to this, IBIS InGold has become one of the European market leaders in regular investments in physical gold and silver, logistics, and product portfolios. They currently provide a path to financial independence for more than 75,000 satisfied clients. They supply investment ingots and coins to customers in all EU countries, and more than 300 financial advisory firms have incorporated their products and services into their offers.

IBIS InGold is the official authorized trading partner of the Swiss Refinery PAMP and The Royal Mint. This direct business partnership with Europe's most prestigious refinery and mint confirms the importance of IBIS InGold's position in the global trade with precious metals.

“We believe that thanks to our high standards and professional approach we provide our customers and business partners with a reliable and safe background that combines security, quality and technological superiority,” explains Petr Špičák, Marketing Director of IBIS InGold, while adding: “We have had a successful quarter of a century, and we will continue to build on this trend. We want to deliver a superior level of services to our partners and customers.”

As part of the celebrations, IBIS InGold has prepared a special promotion for its customers. Starting from January this year, they offer a guarantee of the minimum repurchase price of the Lady Fortuna investment ingot in the amount of EUR 40,000 on iiplanRentier® contracts concluded in 2023. For more detailed information click here.

“We are pleased and, at the same time, committed to the trust of 75,000 clients that invest in gold and silver investment ingots and coins with our company. Simple yet secure purchases as well as contractually guaranteed and fast repurchases are a reliable way to build and protect their savings, thus fulfilling their dreams and future plans. We believe that their finances are safe in gold. We are also very appreciative of the cooperation of our partners that are working with us to achieve this result. We will continue to strive to remain a safe and profitable choice for customers and partners to buy gold and silver," concludes Petr Špičák.


For more information contact:   

Petr Špičák

+420 777 741 440

About IBIS InGold

IBIS InGold® is a leading trader with investment gold and silver. The company has been operating in the market for 25 years. Within Europe, they became a leader in providing saving in gold and silver.

They provide the general public with simple and flexible savings under the trademark iiplan®, iiplanGold® and iiplanRentier®, with the option to regularly purchase precious metals with amounts as low as EUR 4. They regularly innovate and modernise their product offer and, in addition to the proven and traditional options for buying gold and silver, they also provide customers with flexible services with high liquidity, without obligations and restrictions.

IBIS InGold is the official authorized trading partner of the Swiss Refinery PAMP and The Royal Mint. This direct business cooperation with Europe's most prestigious refinery and mint guarantees all customers the absolute quality of the investment gold and silver purchased.

IBIS InGold provides its customers with the best service both during the purchase as well as during the repurchase of the investment metals bought. They guarantee that they are the first holders of the investment ingots and coins bought. A great advantage of PAMP Refinery products is the ability to verify the origin and authenticity of investment gold with the unique VERISCAN™ technology. The company guarantees to repurchase investment coins and ingots sold by them to all customers. The funds are remitted to the account of the client within 48 hours from confirming the binding repurchase price. Moreover, they provide repurchase premium in addition to the repurchase price of the metal.

IBIS InGold, along with its business partners, PAMP Refinery and The Royal Mint, is committed to upholding the highest standards of fair trade and social responsibility.

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