IBIS InGold expands its investment silver offer

IBIS InGold expands its investment silver offer

01. 06. 2022

IBIS InGold is expanding its offering of investment ingots from the PAMP Refinery. Customers can now invest in a 1,000g silver cast PAMP ingot.

“Despite the fact that investment silver is burdened with value added tax, it has its supporters among our customers. Due to the incredibly high demand for investment gold, refineries prefer processing this metal, and the availability of silver ingots and coins is decreasing. This was the reason why we started negotiations with the PAMP Refinery on delivering cast silver ingots, and it is precisely one-kilogram silver ingots that are very popular with our clients," explains Petr Špičák, Marketing Director of IBIS InGold, the reason for adding the new product to the offer.

The cast silver investment ingot extends the range of goods and customers can obtain it both with a one-time purchase and with gradual purchases in iiplan® savings.

“The high demand for precious metals is reflected in their unavailability and customers often have to wait for their delivery. Thanks to the excellent relationships and direct links that IBIS InGold has with both PAMP Refinery and The Royal Mint, we do not have to deal with a similar problem at this time. We have sufficient stocks of investment ingots and coins and our customers purchase investment ingots and coins without restrictions and longer delivery times,” adds Petr Špičák.


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Petr Špičák

+420 777 741 440

About IBIS InGold

IBIS InGold is a leading trader with investment gold and silver. The company has been operating in the market for over 20 years. Within Europe, they became a leader in providing saving in gold and silver. They provide the general public with simple and flexible saving under the trademark iiplan® and iiplanGold® with the amount of instalments already from EUR 4 per month.

IBIS InGold is the official authorized trading partner of the Swiss Refinery PAMP and TheingotsRoyal Mint. It is the only company that is a direct business partner of the most prestigious European refinery and at the same time the most prestigious European mint. No other company can boast of a simultaneous direct sales representation of the PAMP Refinery and The Royal Mint.

As a result of this, IBIS InGold can provide its customers with the best services both during the purchase as well as during the repurchase of the investment metals bought. Another advantage is a unique possibility of verifying the origin and authenticity of investment gold by means of VERISCAN™ technology.

They guarantee its customers to be the first holders of the investment ingots and coins bought while guaranteeing them to repurchase investment coins and ingots sold by them. The funds are remitted to the account of the client within 48 hours from confirming the binding repurchase price. Moreover, they provide repurchase premium in addition to the repurchase price of the metal.

More than 60,000 customers trust IBIS InGold.

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