IBIS InGold introduces iiplan contract without signature

IBIS InGold introduces iiplan contract without signature

01. 01. 2018

1 January 2018, Prague – IBIS InGold®, a. s. innovates its saving in gold. As from 1 January 2018, iiplan® - intelligent investment plan shall be negotiated based on the contract without signature. The company observes needs and requirements of its partners and clients while modernising and adapting its offer to current trends.

There is no doubt that contracts without signature belong to modern trends. Based on the communication between the client and the seller, a proposal of the contract shall be prepared. It is subsequently sent together with pre-contractual information and payment details to the client to its e-mail mailbox, where they can check and study all the documents. The client shall express its consent with the conditions by sending a confirmation payment based on which the contract negotiated shall be effective.
“IBIS InGold® is leaving prehistoric procedures of negotiating contracts. No more paper mountains, forms, and no more print. Our advisor shall prepare a proposal for the contract with the client. He can also use modern technologies and negotiation may be made remotely. The signature shall be replaced by the first confirmation payment. The business shall not be limited by the advisor’s or the client’s place of residence anymore. The advisor may serve the client even when being on holiday :),” Libor Kochrda, Chairman of the Board of Directors of IBIS InGold®, introduces this innovation.
The introduction of contracts without signature results in significant simplification of the process of concluding iiplan® contracts. Business partners shall not be burdened by holding forms in stock. There shall be no need to print contracts concluded which shall result in savings of costs. The client shall have its contract in its e-mail mailbox; however, they can find it in its customer’s account in the shop DoZlata at anytime.

About IBIS InGold®, a. s. 

IBIS InGold® is a leading trader with investment gold and silver. The company was founded in 1998, it has been operating in the market for 20 years, and the sale of investment precious metals has become gradually its main area of activities. We deliver only prestigious investment ingots and coins from official resources. The company has undergone rigorous certification system by the Swiss Refinery PAMP® and became its official distributor. As one of the few companies in the European market, we received a licence from the Refinery for on-line sale, for sale to final customers and sale to wholesale partners. We hand investment ingots and coins over to customers physically. We believe that gold and silver in client’s hands make sense while being a real safe harbour, which is our supporting philosophy.

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