IBIS InGold is trusted by 80,000 customers seeking a safe haven in gold

IBIS InGold is trusted by 80,000 customers seeking a safe haven in gold

16. 10. 2023

Gold is an effective vehicle for portfolio diversification, a universal world currency, and a safe haven in times when the markets are plagued by volatility and uncertainty. IBIS InGold provides more than 80,000 customers with a variety of ways to add gold and silver to their family portfolios easily and safely.

IBIS InGold has been operating in the Czech market for 25 years. Over that time, the company has built a reputation as a dependable, responsive and safe partner. It offers customers a full range of services that includes the safe purchase and storage of investment bars and coins, which can be redeemed quickly and easily. Today, IBIS InGold's services are used by more than 80,000 clients, many of whom appreciate how simple it is to manage their physical gold and how easily and securely their contracts can be transferred. In this way, they are able to build up a treasure trove of gold for their children and grandchildren long before they come of age. Clients appreciate the fact that they themselves get to decide when and in what form they will pass on their gold to the younger generation. Long‑term investors set great store by the safe purchase of the finest quality gold from reputable global producers – the PAMP refinery in Switzerland and The Royal Mint in the UK.

“Gold has been woven into the tapestry of human history for thousands of years. It has weathered all sorts of social upheavals and crises, and to this day its preciousness has made it a store of value around the world. At a time when even the financial benchmark that is the US dollar is slowly losing its dominance, when the interests of major powers are clashing in such a fierce way, and we are experiencing profound social and technological change, any safe portfolio should include gold,” says Petr Špičák, IBIS InGold’s marketing director.

IBIS InGold gives its clients the chance to invest in precious metals with the utmost flexibility. It is up to customers how much money they wish to transfer to their gold reserve and when, with no hidden fees. Plus, iiplanRentier® offers them the opportunity to be paid a regular annuity and reap the fruits of their investment on a continuous and long‑term basis.

“We value the trust our clients and business partners place in us. We are keen to continue improving our products so that gold is used to its maximum potential,” adds Petr Špičák.

He believes that gold is an important asset to hold in a portfolio. It is particularly effective as a means of diversifying risk and reducing the implications of inflation, which is at the highest it has been in years. Investing in gold plainly makes good sense.


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About IBIS InGold

IBIS InGold is a leading trader in investment gold and silver, with a market presence stretching back 25 years. It has become one of Europe’s foremost providers of gold and silver savings solutions.

IBIS InGold offers the general public simple, flexible savings under the brand names iiplan®, iiplanGold® and iiplanRentier®, giving them the opportunity to make incremental purchases of precious metals starting at amounts as low as EUR 4. The company regularly updates and upgrades its product line‑up so that, besides its traditional tried‑and‑tested gold and silver buying options, it also offers customers flexible, highly liquid services that do not tie them down at all.

IBIS InGold is an official authorised business partner of the PAMP refinery in Switzerland and The Royal Mint in the UK. This direct business partnership with both the most prestigious refinery and the most prestigious mint in Europe is a guarantee for all customers that the investment gold and silver they buy will be of the utmost quality.

IBIS InGold provides its customers with the very best service, whether they are buying or re‑selling investment metals. It guarantees that they are the first holders of the investment bars and coins they are purchasing. The great advantage of products from the PAMP refinery is that the origin and authenticity of investment gold can be verified by means of unique VERISCAN™ technology. It also guarantees all customers that it will buy back the investment coins and bars it sells. Funds are transferred to the client’s account within 48 hours of confirmation of the binding buyback price. On top of the buyback price of the metal, it even pays a buyback premium.

IBIS InGold, together with its business partners, the PAMP and The Royal Mint, is committed to the highest standards of fair trade and social responsibility.

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