Purchase price guarantee

Purchase price guarantee

01. 09. 2017

September 1, 2017 Prague – On the basis of the great client´s interest and demand, IBIS InGold® company ensured the third tranche of the limited minimum purchase price guarantee, this time for the coins Kangaroo from Australian Royal Mint.

Guarantee applies to the contracts iiplan® closed in a period from September 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017 to a minimum of 25 pieces of golden Kangaroo investment coins weighing ¼ oz, ½ oz and 1 oz. Guarantee is set for all currencies in which IBIS InGold® enables making purchases. The guaranteed redemption price is including buyout premiums and VAT.
The clients, who follow the terms of the Guarantee have certainty, that buyout price of purchased Kangaroo investment coins will not fall below specified values.  




IBIS InGold®, a.s., with its office at Rybná 682/14, Praha 1 - Staré Město, PSČ 110 00, Czech Republic, registered with the Commercial register of Prague Municipal Court, section B, insert 18920, identification number 25525433, VAT CZ25525433, hereinafter the Seller, issues this guarantee certificate as a public promise
under § 2884 and under Act No. 89/2012 Coll., of the Civil Code, which guarantees a minimal
purchase price of the stated weight of investment coins:
10 750 CZK 21 500 CZK 43 000 CZK
 390 EUR   780 EUR 1 560 EUR
1 650 PLN  3 300 PLN 6 600 PLN


The guarantee is valid for all coins purchased under the Purchase Agreement iiplan® made in the period September 1st 2017 until December 31th 2017 on the purchase of at least 25 investment coins of a weight 1/4 oz (7,77 g), 1/2 oz (15,55 g) or 1 oz (31,1 g), with a minimal monthly payment of 800 CZK (30 EUR or 120 PLN) for 1/4 oz of weight, monthly payment 1 500 CZK (55 EUR or 230 PLN) for 1/2 oz, or monthly payment 4 300 CZK (155 EUR or 660 PLN) for 1 oz.
The condition of the validity of the guarantee is the purchase or fixing of all of coins listed in g_article I. of the iiplan® Purchase Agreement. The Buyer‘s first payment, at least in the amount of the agreed regular payment, must be credited to the Seller‘s account within 15 calendar days of the day the contract was concluded. The total initial price increase of the first coin must be fully settled no later than 12 months after the negotiation of the contract. Regular payments must be paid at least at the agreed rate for the duration of the iiplan® Purchase Agreement. In total, up to a maximum of 12 regular monthly payments may be omitted, i.e. not paid or less paid, during the duration of the iiplan® Purchase Agreement. It is possible to pay any extra deposit in any amount and at any time. 
The guarantee is valid for 15 calendar days of the day the last coin from the total amount of coins listed in g_article I. of the iiplan® Purchase Agreement was purchased or fixed, the earliest 18 years since the day the iiplan® Purchase Agreement was concluded. The guaranteed minimum purchase price includes redemption premium and VAT.  
The guarantee is transferable to a third person and is valid for coins according to certificate numbers. The guarantee applies to the bearer of the investment coin with the certificate number purchased under iiplan® Purchase Agreement, which has fulfilled the conditions for the payment of the guarantee under this Guarantee certificate. Guaranteed purchase prices are given in the currencies in which the Seller allows to make purchases of investment precious metals, the values do not add up. Possible legal successor of the Seller is obliged to perform this Guarantee.
Prague, August 22nd 2017

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